ups system

Our company offers UPS of the capacity of 1 KVA to 50 KVA.

Our manufactured UPS acts as an interface between the mains and the loads. These guarantee the continuity and the quality of electrical power supplied to the loads as it stabilizes the voltage perfectly eliminating all disturbances. Based on world's most advanced digital signal processing technology.
Some of the features are:

  • 1. Full safety of highly sophisticated equipment.
  • 2. Ensures full charging and protection of the batteries and enhanced battery life.
  • 3. It eliminates disturbing and irritating noise.
  • 4. 100% protection to the load from full range of power disturbances.
  • 5. Start up without Mains (Cold start).
  • 6. Provided with power factor correction.
  • 7. Constant output frequency.

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