Turnkey Electrical Projects

Turnkey Electrical Projects

We are rather selective and agree only for those turn-key projects where we feel we can deliver to the client as per his desired specification and to his full satisfaction. Most of the projects we undertake pertain to Substation Work, Electric Panels, Internal and External Electrification, LT & HT Cabling and Termination, Overhead Transmission Lines, Overhead Transmission Towers, Main and Sub-main Switch Boards, Earthing, Street Lighting, Flood Lighting, Lighting in Parks, Instrumentation System, Communication System, Fire Fighting System, Cable Design and Routing, Cable Tray and Trunking, Installation & Commissioning of Diesel Sets, Transformers and UPS Systems, Air-conditioning, Networking, Data Center Infrastructure, and Energy Auditing, Monitoring and Conservation etc. Apart from these we also undertake Operation and Maintenance Works for Long Term Performance. We have all measuring and test equipments required for inspection, calibration and testing of installations at site. Most important is that we also liaison with Electricity Board from beginning to end stage for satisfactory work completion.

Main Features of Our Services :

  • 1. Design and conceptualization based on customer's conceptual design and specifications.
  • 2. Preparation of bill of quantities, tendering.
  • 3. Preparation of detailed drawings, site set out.
  • 4. Sourcing of material.
  • 5. Marking and execution in accordance with design.
  • 5. Obtaining finished levels.
  • 4. Evaluation and submission of progress report.
  • 5. Execution of planting schemes.
  • 5. Total commissioning.

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